What kind of background check should I do, and how should I go about it?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nanny Jaclyn Gobuluk discusses if you should run a background check .

    Host: What kind of background check should I do and how do I go about it?

    Jaclyn Gobuluk: You absolutely, want to do background checks on the candidates that you feel would be a good fit with your family. Anywhere between one to three candidates, if you check on too many candidates it would be costly procedure as background checks can cost anywhere between $20 to $200. It can be vary wide range depending on how many areas that nanny has lived and wherever there Social Security Number and driving record comes up to be a part of the search.

    So, part of the background check is learning about the nannies criminal history, also making sure if they are valid to work in United States by checking their Social Security Number Verification and you also want to be sure that the nanny s driving record is included, whether or not the nanny drives your children that can be a large indicator of the nanny s common sense and judgment.

    So, you want to make sure that you check all three of those. How you go about checking that is possibly by doing a web-based search, to find a background investigation company or by opening up your local yellow pages, seeing if there s any investigative service that you can use to do your own private search.

    Some states have agencies that will provide the search for you. Contact your local nanny agency, they maybe able to do the search for you at a minimal cost. Those are your resources that we recommend using for your background checks, but you absolutely want to do background checks on the nanny.