What kind of wedding gown should I buy?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Christina Taylor discusses how to prepare for your big day, including what kind of wedding gown to buy.

    Host: What kind of wedding gown should I buy?

    Christiana Taylor: Wedding gowns are a big deal. Brides sometimes will be really excited about getting their gown and want to spend a lot of money or they will be quite frugal and want to really find a good deal. I am big believer in staying away from the designer gowns, it's really not necessary. You wear the gown for not even eight hours. Women used to think that they could save their wedding dress for their daughter to wear and I don't think that that probably ever happens. By the time a daughter would get married the wedding dress would be so out of style, I would never wear my mother's wedding dress when I get married. So a lot of times the dress is a one time occasion and you would either have boxed and stored that you would return it or sell it. A lot of people sell their dresses after their wedding. So it is really an expense that you want to be less concerned about the designer that you are getting and more concerned about the way it looks on you and the fact that you can either sell it after the wedding or have someone else use it in the future. 1