What kinds of counseling are available?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Social worker Judi Cousin discusses what kind of counseling is available for alcoholics.

    Host: What kinds of counseling are available?

    Judith W. Cousins: There are a number of different kinds of counseling. One is individual counseling and that involves, an individual sitting with the therapist one-on-one typically, for fifty minutes and talking about their issues with drinking and what they need to do to quit drinking.

    There is also group counseling and group counseling has a therapist as a facilitator, but in group counseling, you are with other folks who are also in counseling, going through the same kinds of experience as you are and that provides support as well as challenge. There is residential treatment, which is for those individual who in quitting drinking cannot do that on their own without intensive counseling and also the safety 0.

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    There is a 12 step support which is voluntary and it is available everyday, most hours of the day and there is also what is called Rational Recovery which is also an informal support group.