What kinds of problems can drinking cause?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Social worker Judith W. Cousins discusses what kinds of problems drinking can cause.

    Host: What kinds of problems can drinking cause?

    Judith W. Cousins: Drinking can cause problems in a number of areas. The major areas are financial, legal, physical, psychological, spiritual and relational. For instance, if the problem is physical a person will be having problems with their health in someway. They may be having stomach problems; they may have diabetes, they maybe experiencing hypertension. Now, those problems can be caused for other reason, but drinking if it is not a dread cause will make the problems worst. For instance, if a person is having relational issue, a person who is drinking too much is almost always going to come up with some kind of relational conflicts either with spouse or girlfriend or co-worker or supervisor and the excessive drinking or the drinking too much or the drinking too often, it is going to come to the attention of someone who is important in that person s life and they are going to say You are drinking too much.