What kinds of questions should I ask?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nanny Jaclyn Gobuluk discusses the questions should you should ask at the interview.

    Host: What kind of questions should I ask?

    Jaclyn Gobuluk: You want to ask your nanny several questions and a lot of the questions will come from the criteria that you laid out to begin with when your nanny search started. Out of those things, you want to know if the nanny had had any child related courses or classes that they have taken. Have they taken a child development course? Are they specialized in early child development?

    You also want to find out how many years of childcare experience they have. Has it been one year, has it been 15 years, that will determine the nanny s experience. Also, part of our search is the ages of the children she has cared for. If the nanny has cared for newborns, great, if she has cared for toddlers, great, but what are the ages of your children. Did she have experience with those ages? You want to be sure of that.

    You also want to find out if the nanny has worked for her previous families for one year, three years, five years, those things could be important for you are looking for a long-term nanny. Those questions can be necessary in finding out this is a nanny that likes to stay with the family for a long period of time. Did she grow very close with the family? Has the nanny traveled with families? Does the nanny drive? How long has she been driving for? Is she a U.

    S. citizen? Does she have a family in the United States or outside the United States? Some of those questions can be important because at times, if the nanny wants to go visit her family and they live in another country, usually the nanny will request three to four weeks time off. So, you want to be sure that if you are hiring a nanny, you ask certain questions that could potentially arrive throughout the year or years to come with that nanny. So, those are some of the basic questions you must definitely want to talk to them by your own needs and find out if there is to work with her schedule as well but asking those simple questions along with asking maybe some more personal questions regarding the nanny. Does she have children of her own? Who cares for her children when she is at work? How long has she lived in the area? Some of these other questions will also become quite important but maybe are not necessary in the beginning or for the first interview but certainly, in the second interview or the first interview whichever you prefer. But those are some of the questions that we use in determining what the nanny s connection would be for a family and if they are qualified and prepared to work within the family is looking for.