What kinds of research can my child and I do to find the right school?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dean of Admissions Andrew Battaile discusses what research you can do to find the right private school including looking at the school’s website, going to an open house, or taking a tour.

    Host: What kinds of research can my child and I do to find the right school?

    Andrew Battaile: You can definitely go to each schools web site. In this day and age every school has its own web site, so that is a good starting place for you and your child to look over, kind of the basic information about a school. After doing that if you think that it might be a good place for your son or your daughter, you definitely want to visit first hand. There are different ways that you can go to schools. Lot of schools do have open houses where they have a day two or three perhaps set aside where they expect a large crowd to come through to see the campus, meet students, talk to teachers and get a feel for the school. You might also be able to have your child to go for an entire day, to spend the day after school, almost as a student.

    They would tour with a student, go to classes and meet students, teachers and see how they feel. And if they are comfortable that is a great thing. There is also other research you can do you can talk to the alumni of the school, you can talk to the administrators of the school. You can just see what the community thinks about the school by asking other people what they think about that school.