What level of activity should a pregnant woman undertake?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. John Schmitt recommends moderate, comfortable exercise for pregnant women.

    Host: What level of activity should a pregnant woman undertake? Dr. John Schmitt: Well, on the second trimester again, I think they are going to find just by listening to their body they are going to have to slow down some. If they had been doing more high impact exercise like running or things like that add simply to discomforts of getting later in pregnancy are going to start to impact on them and so they are not going to be able to do exercises like that because of discomforts and not feeling that good, but in general, I say I will tell my patients it's really common sense. If it hurts or you get tired, back off and don't do so much. If you are very used to running, well run, but listen to your body and if it hurts or you contract or ache or whatever, well, don't do it. I also tell people if they are really anxious about their calories and want to stay active and fit, if you walk a mile it's the same calorie burn as if you run a mile, it just takes 15 minutes instead of seven or eight minutes. So the efficiency is not there but the exercise and the aerobic benefit can still be there. So they can modify what they do. I think they still need to get plenty of sleep, rest, drink lots of fluids and in other words, just listen to their body. I think that's extremely important and good advice that really works well.