What materials should I use to prepare for the LSAT?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tutor Bernadette Chimner discusses the material to use to prepare for the LSAT.

    Host: What material should I use to prepare for the LSAT?

    Bernadette Chimner: While preparing for the LSAT you only want to use materials that have real LSAT questions. You don't want to buy the books in the bookstore that have these fake LSAT questions. Fake LSAT questions often don't look like the real thing. They contain some very dangerous misinformation and some kinds of questions that you will not only won't see on the LSAT but almost the opposite of what you would see. So you under preparing the wrong way and that can actually hurt your score but unless they see the company that puts out the LSAT they sell a lot of books online They sell ten real LSAT, 10 more LSAT and the Next 10 LSAT as well the set of individual prep tests. So you can get your hands on any of those and I also recommend LSAC's SuperPrep which is three real LSATs explained fully by the people who created them, which is a great study tool.