What options are available to get my book into print?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Publisher James Frey discusses which options there are for getting your book published and into print.

    Host: What options are available to me to get my book into print?

    Jim Frey: There are several publishing options. One, the simplest option, not necessarily the most professional option, but the simplest is to take your manuscript and if you are looking at doing it for a few people, is to take it to a copy shop and have it printed at a copy shop. If you have files on your computer, the printer could also print your book if they have the ability to do the colored cover that you might desire with the stock that you would like to put on your cover. Most of those printers will do only paperback or saddle stitch type books. If you have it on your computer they may have computer formats that they want you to use. If you understand how many different print shops there are in your neighborhood, I can speak to a national registry of printers that have text standards for submitting a title to them. Within the professional publishing arena, you essentially have three options. One are called print-on-demand publishers, the second is self/subsidy type publishing company and the third are conventional publishers, the McGraw-Hills, the Random Houses, those kinds of publications, publishing companies with whom you may be familiar.