What options do I have for making my summer vacation unique?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Agent Melinda Webb gives advice on planning your vacation, whether it’s for a family, couple or single person.

    Melinda Webb: My name is Melinda Webb of Dreams and Destinations Travel and now I am going to talk to you about special touches you can add to your summer vacation . Host: What options do I have for making my summer vacation unique? Melinda Webb: Really your options go as far as your imagination and again I want to recommend talking to a travel professional that knows the destination, that can make recommendations. For example a lot of people will go to Egypt and they will just rush through on a guided tour and they miss a lot.

    I do custom tours to Egypt for my clients and so my last clients are in Egypt were doing hot air balloon rides over the dessert and they were doing Bedouins dinners in the middle of the desert in the evening. So there is a lot that you can add to the experience. If you wanted to do a champagne balloon flight here in the US, in Santa Fe or Albuquerque or anywhere, I guess that would be fantastic over the Grand Canyon. You can look at -- if you just want to have a special restaurant maybe researching a really nice restaurant, well rated and then just booking that in advance, for example Jules Verne in Paris City, Eiffel Tower is a great experience that we will book for clients too to make their honeymoons extra special and of course, it carries over to a summer vacation as well.

    So you just need to look at your destination, talk to your travel professional and sort of figure out what interests you. I always recommend to when you travel, travel as an experience and if you keep doing the same things over and over you get to experience a destination but maybe not to the point that it challenges you or sort of opens your eyes to new things. For me I am a shopper, I love to shop on vacation and typically that's what I do. The last time I was in Mexico I actually tried Rappelling and Zip-lining which was fantastic and I didn't realize I was an adventure traveler too. So that opened my eyes to a whole new set of hobbies that I really enjoy and I wouldn't have tried otherwise had I not been on vacation and had it not been such a great opportunity there.