What options exist for designing the book cover?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    American Literary Press owner James Frey explains the available options for book cover design.

    Host: What options exist for designing the book cover?

    Jim Frey: If you would recall, I mentioned that the title was important and a second important variable for a book, if it's going to be marketed in the literary marketplace, is the cover. It's got to capture people's attention. With books, the author has a couple of options available to him or her. One; some authors know illustrators or graphic designers that were friends and acquaintances and they have used them as resources to design the book cover, either as a dusk jacket that paper covering on a hardcover book or for paperbacks for saddle stitched books. If you retain the services of a publisher or work with a publisher, most of those companies have resources available, be they graphic artist or stable of illustrators that can help capture what the author envisions the book cover should be like. They will also provide professional input on the design of the book cover.