What Parents Can Learn from Teaching Organization

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Organization expert Janet Schiesl discusses what parents can learn from organizing children’s toys, including only keeping age-appropriate toys in your house.

    Janet Schiesl: Hi, I am Janet Schiesl from Basic Organization and I am talking about organizing toys. Now that you have your toys stored and labelled and sorted and everything and you have taught your kids these lessons and they are cleaning up after themselves, I want to talk about a lesson for you. You have to realize that all this work you have done doesn't last forever. Just like your children grow out of their clothing, they do grow out of their toys. I encourage you to keep only age appropriate toys in your house. Now you may have a two year old and a 12 year old, that's fine, but as your last child grows out of toys, you really need to consider what to do with the ones that are no longer age appropriate. Everyone only has so much space and if you keep everything, you will have no space leftover. I encourage you to keep things and to purge once a year, a great time to do that is before holidays or before your children's birthday. Usually, they are motivated if you explain that you are going to get new things and where are we going to put them. Let's remove some things that you no longer use. Also, a lot of people want to save things for their grandchildren. I encourage you to think about the toys you played with as a kid and then look at the toys your children play with. Things change a whole lot between generations and the toys your grandchildren are playing with are not the ones your children are playing with and I would really like to encourage you to donate the toys that your children have outgrown. It is a great way to let someone else enjoy those things when you are done using them. I would like to thank you very much for watching today and I hope you have learned some thing. My name is Janet Schiesl. I am from Basic Organization.