What prison programs may likely cut my sentence?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Prison Consultant Ed Bales explains the prison programs that you can complete to cut your sentence including the residential drug program, boot camp, or a work release program.

    Host: What prison programs may likely cut my sentence?

    Ed Bales: Well, looking at it from a standpoint of both Federal and State. In the Federal system, the most popular program that is left in the system is the 500 hour Residential Drug Program. There are some work release programs, but they are very limited, community custody programs. But the drug program will give you up to one year of your sentence and give you six months in community corrections, Halfway House, things of that sort. There was a Boot Camp program in the Federal system that was eliminated a couple of years ago. The State systems have Boot Camp programs, drug programs, work release. There are many programs the state has. Each state is different. Some have more, some have less and that's why it is important to have a prison consultant go over all of them with you as well as your attorney and make recommendations to the sentencing judge.