What questions should a pregnant woman ask her doctor?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. John Schmitt discusses questions frequently asked by pregnant women.
    Host: What questions should a pregnant woman ask her doctor? Dr. John Schmitt: Well, in the first trimester at our first visit there are usually a lot of questions and a lot of questions pertaining to exactly the things we are talking about. What they should be eating. What their activities should be. How is this going to affect work? What can they plan ahead for in terms of what's going to happen, what they can expect, did that work, things like that.They ask about what kind of testings available, ultrasounds, prenatal diagnostic testing, what lab works done. They ask about birth practices for the hospital, for the practice. They just have a lot of questions. What's available education wise in terms of pregnancy, breastfeeding, things like that. Early in pregnancy is a great time to impact on that and I think that sets the stage for how the rest of the pregnancy goes and how early parenthood goes in terms of breastfeeding and taking care of infants and things like that.