What range of sexual experiences can we have?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Chris Wright talks about the range of sexual experiences can we have.

    Chris Wright

    Chris Wright is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.  He sees clients in the Washington, D.C. area and has telephone clients from all over the world.  He also has over 35 years of experience as a trainer and workshop leader in human and organizational development across the U.S. and Canada.   Chris was founder and director of the Human Relations Institute in Houston, Texas.  He was also the Director of PAIRS International -- training psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists in couple’s skills programs.     As an innovator in the field, he has developed a unique blend of tools that increase the effectiveness in relationships -- for couples and in the workplace.  He has Masters Degrees from the University of Arizona and Antioch University in Los Angeles.

    Host: What is the range of sexual experiences, we can have?

    Chris Wright: So there is a distinction here between the range of experiences that you can have. Each one gives a different experience in your sex but it also drives its energy or the pleasure from a whole different source inside. As you see in the chart on the far left side, it is just pure physical raw sex. There is no meaning attached to it. It is just raw sex and the energy comes from the biological energy and for some people that could be a pleasurable experience of the touch or the closeness.

    As you move up the scale though, most people find a need to add use their imaginations to add some richness or add some meanings to the experience and so the focus becomes on triggering these highly charged imaginative fantasy substitutes that bring a lot of pleasure in to the act. Then all of the sudden when you move to lovemaking you are shifting to a whole different experience and source of energy.

    The focus is on opening your heart and this is the love energies that are directing the experience. What happens is that when you unify the masculine and feminine pulls of this universal life force, something magical happen it creates a spark that is incredibly meaningful and profound, a sense of wholeness is created. It is why the masculine and the feminine are compelled towards each other.

    So, in sexual union when these forces are fully united biologically and spiritually, it creates an incredible, unleashes incredible forces, sensations, pleasures that take over the whole experience, very fulfilling, that people find themselves in the experience feeling whole. As we said you can move up the scale skill even further where the experience transcends any sense of separation, where you merge fully with the experience within yourself. There is no separation from yourself.

    A sense of really coming to home, really centered and the sense of transcending any separation with your partner, a sense of merging together. Even going out further some people experience it to a sense of merging in to the spiritual universe, the forces of the spiritual universe and there is a sense of ecstatic oneness, a spiritual experience that can happen.

    So you see in this whole realm, a range sex can go from physical sex, erotic, fantasy sex, turn on sex up to lovemaking a different source of the energy connecting these like poles and then moving in to a spiritual experience. At each level as you move up the scale, you notice that it increasingly becomes more fulfilling, more pleasurable, more ecstatic, more wholesome.