What Really Happens During a Botox Appointment

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video contains images of injections.
    Most people’s concerns with Botox start with either “How long has it been around? Is it safe?” or “Will I look plastic after?” So when we decided to dive into what actually happens in a Botox appointment, we wanted to get those questions out of the way first thing.

    Kirbie Johnson: Kelly Ripa has admitted to using Botox and who can forget Kim Kardashian when she gave it a try on keeping up with Kardashian's, but is it right for you? Dermatologist of the stars Dr. Jessica Wu is here to answer all of your questions and to show us how it works with help from first-time Botox patient and my mom Janet. Dr. Wu, explain to us exactly what Botox is?

    Dr. Jessica Wu: Botox is a protein that's injected underneath the skin to relax over active wrinkle causing muscles. Kirbie Johnson: Is it safe though?

    Dr. Jessica Wu: What I tell my patient is that Botox actually has been around since the 1940s and it's been tested in humans for decades.

    Kirbie Johnson: Okay! Well mom's already had a consultation, first let's get right into the action.

    Dr. Jessica Wu: Okay, let's do. So, first thing I am going to do is go for these frown lines, close your eyes and scrounge for me frown really strong and relax, here we go, little pin prick above the right eyebrow. I am having her frown and scrounge those muscles so that it tells me where the muscles are and where the Botox should be replaced and a lot of people even tell me that it's less painful than getting their brows waxed.

    Kirbie Johnson: So do we have some errands to run later today, with the recovery time does she need to go home and hide for a little while or.

    Dr. Jessica Wu: No, that's the beauty of Botox, these little pink spots here these will be gone in about an hour and there is no restriction, you can resume normal activity.

    Kirbie Johnson: So what are side-effects if she does experience any?

    Dr. Jessica Wu: Most common side effects with Botox are redness, swellings, these little pink prick marks that you see, which you go away pretty quickly. I do tell my patients to avoid pressing or rubbing the area for four hours afterwards because you don't want to push the Botox away from where I precisely placed it.

    Kirbie Johnson: Yeah Dr. Jessica Wu: And in about 2 to 7 days she is going to look and feel more relaxed and refreshed, but still very natural.

    Kirbie Johnson: So, Dr. Wu, if somebody can't come to you here in LA to get their Botox, what would suggest in terms of finding a doctor to administer Botox?

    Dr. Jessica Wu: Well, a good way to find a good doctor for Botox is to asked your family doctor who can refer you to a cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon in your area and if anyone invites you to a Botox party in a garage, run the other way because it's still a medical procedure and you don't want to take any chances with your face.

    Kirbie Johnson: Yup, just so no. Well doctor, thank you so much.

    Dr. Jessica Wu: You are welcome!

    Kirbie Johnson: For showing us how this all works, I was so interested in mom. Thanks for being our model and letting us use your face Janet Johnson: Thank you for having me.

    Kirbie Johnson: Of course.