What should be noted when doing a walkthrough of a reception site?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams lists features you should take note of when you visit a potential reception site.

    Host: What should be noted when doing a walk through of a reception site?

    Kay Williams: Well, the first thing I notice is the bathroom. I mean, for me personally, when I go look at reception halls with my clients, I always say, the bathroom has to look nice, because you are going to have guests that are going to use the bathroom, restrooms, and want to feel clean. This is the wedding. This is a special occasion. People have beautiful dresses on, their tucks down, they are ready to go, they don't want to walk somewhere where the bathroom doesn't look clean. It just simply doesn't work. That's one. Is it decorated? Does it match the theme of your wedding colors? Number two, the drapes. Some reception halls have these old drapes, especially the old ones. Can you change the drapes? What can you decorate? Can you change the wall when you add the wall coloring? Some people want lavish weddings. Can you change this hall to convert it to what you want? That's the key thing. Are they going to allow you to make this your own for that time period? Do they have a decoration limit? Do they have a limit on what you can bring in there, as far as drinking and bar? So you really have got to know where the hall is going to be. What is it going to look like? Look is always the key. Can I make this place look nice? Is it clean? That's the key thing. Can I decorate the way I want to decorate? Does it match my colors? That is the key to reception halls.