What should children do if someone bothers or frightens them?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nancy McBride with the National Centre for Missing & Exploited Children discusses what children should do if someone bothers or frightens them.

    Host: What should children do if someone bothers or frightens them?

    Nancy McBride: We have actually heard of situations in which children might have them bothered on flight and we need to make sure they know that the flight attendant is the person they should turn to, if anyone is bothering them or if they need assistance in anyway. We need to make sure kids know how to use that call button if possible, if children can be seated closer to the front, that gives the flight attendant probably better access to assist them.

    I know many airlines seat children next to women passengers or seat them next to somebody who might be closer to their own age. These are all good things for parents and guardians to discuss with their kids, but regardless if anything happens to a child on an airplane, make sure they know to reach out for that fight attendant right away, push that call button, they could even get up, if they have been told they can, if the seat belt sign is off and if they bothered and seek out that person themselves rather than sit there and be bothered by whatever is going on. So, kids may need to be a little bit more proactive here where they are either using the call button or they are getting up and they are asking for help from that flight attendant.