What should I consider when doing an independent search?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nanny Jaclyn Gobuluk discusses what to consider when doing an independent search.

    Host: What should I consider when doing an independent search?

    Jaclyn Gobuluk: Things you must consider when doing an independent search is where are you going to have the nannies contact you. Are you going to give them a home phone number or a cell phone number or a work number? You want to have a number in place for those nannies to contact you.

    One thing to also consider with that phone number is you are going to get a lot of calls. Regarding the candidates that I described earlier, some are going to speak English, some are not going to be legal and some will have no childcare experience. So, you are going to have a lot of calls from many individuals and even after you have found the candidate, you are still going to get calls. They will continue for month on ends. So, you want to be prepared. So, you might want to go ahead and purchase a separate phone line just for your nanny search. Also, you might want to consider doing a separate e-mail. Your e-mail will be flooded with many inquires and you may not want to mix that with your work e-mail or your home e-mail. That has something to do with your family life. You do not want to fill your inbox with many additional e-mails based on your nanny search.

    So, things that you might want to consider, getting a separate phone line just for the search and also a separate e-mail box just for the nanny search. The nanny search can be done via a local website. It can be done through local newspapers and word of mouth. So, you certainly want to keep the communication line separate from your everyday use.