What should I do if I find something negative about the interviewer or company in my research?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra recommends asking your interviewer politely about any negative information you find.

    Host: What should I do if I find something negative about the interview or company in my research?

    Karen Chopra: Make sure that you ask about any negative information that you find out in your research. There is no point in taking a job if you haven't explored what might be going wrong. So take the opportunity to think about, well how am I going to ask a question of this person in such a way that's going to be mutual. So if the company has had legal issues, you might not want to say, well, why have you been accused of money laundering or violations of securities law.

    You might to say there has been a lot of press about the company in the business section and I would love to know, what the company's perspective is on the issues that I have been reading about. It's a very gentle approach and it's non-accusatory, it doesn't imply that you think that the articles are right or wrong, you just indicate you know about them and you would like more information, but make sure that you ask about it.

    If your boss has a reputation of being a challenging person, you might say, you know there is some press out there that indicate that you are demanding boss, could you tell me what it is that you would like to see from employees that let you know that they are living up to your standards. The answer to that, will help you determine whether you are one of those people who can manage this particular demanding boss or whether you want to continue to look elsewhere.

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