What should I do online once I’ve found a job?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Louise Kursmark talks about continuing your career professionally so that you are ready for your next opportunity.

    Host: What should I do online once I have found a job?

    Louise Kursmark: Well, you want to continue to manage your career professionally. You want to always have the right tools, the right attitude, the right approach, so that you are ready for your next opportunity. When you first get your new job, the tendency is to sit back and relax and put your feet up and say, Ha, that is done, got the job, now I can relax. But in reality, you need to start preparing for the next position and you can do that by number one, doing a great job in your new job. Being really professional, getting results, wowing your employer that is the very best thing you can do. Update your resume, so it s always ready, so that when the next opportunity comes along, you do not have to sit and wait and go back and prepare and waste weeks or days getting that up to date. It s always ready to go, keep that always ready. Look for online opportunities to build your visibility, describe who you are, maybe you publish articles, maybe you put a profile onto MySpace or linked in on one or the other sites that allow you to do that. So, when people find you, they are going to know enough about you to determine if you might have the skills that they need and then they will go look for you and not have you look for them. Make a name for yourself and be found and you will find that you do not actually have to do a job search because employers will be coming to you.