What should I do the morning of my GMAT exam?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jeff Glazer offers advice on what you should do the morning you take the GMAT exam.

    Host: What should I do the morning of my GMAT exam?

    Jeff Glazer: The morning of, you want to make sure you dont do anything drastically different than any other morning. If you normally eat a big breakfast, eat a big breakfast, if you normally dont eat a big breakfast dont start, dont go for the three eggs, the toast the cereal, even though you may have heard always eat a big breakfast on test day. Your stomach wont agree with you and you will go into the test feeling actually quite miserable. So whatever you would normally do, try to keep to that general habit. The only exception I say if you dont eat any breakfast normally get at least a little something in you, try to avoid a lot of caffeine or sugars that morning though only because they give you an unnatural high which may be followed by quick low somewhere mid test and that you dont want as well. Try to get to the test site a little early that way you have time to relax after you get there, put yourself in a locker, use the restroom if need be so that you can go into the test fully collected and calm.