What should I do the morning of my GRE exam?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tutor Bernadette Chimner discusses what to do the morning of the exam.

    Host: What should I do the morning of my exam?

    Bernadette Chimner: The morning of your exam you should in to get to your center at least a half hour before your test time. You might be want to plan for an hour if you are living a place of major traffic. You are going to need to sign in when you get there and sign this big one filling this so plan extra time for that. You would also want to get up that morning and pack yourself a small snack. You can't take anything into the room with you are testing but during that ten minute break you could come out, you can grab the snack that you have packed and try it down so that you got energy for the last half of the exam. Also make sure you eat breakfast that morning so it give energy because you are going to really need a lot of focus.