What should I do the night before my GMAT exam?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jeff Glazer offers advice on what to do the night before you take the GMAT exam.

    Host: What should I do the night before the GMAT exam?

    Jeff Glazer: I usually recommend to my students to try to relax the night before. They are already going to be stressed, so granted what this means is dont try new GMAT questions, dont take yet one more practice test which everyone has this final urge to do. Only because if you are stressed already you have a tendency to make a little more errors and that is only going to make you more nervous going into the real test. I recommend going to see a movie, nice rental at home 'This is Spinal Tap' is always nice. But since most student I know will probably want to do something the day before the GMAT, I highly encourage you, if you really, really feel the need to pick up some material, just to do some review. Look over your math formulas, look over your grammar rules, look over questions you have already done, just to make sure that the idea of the test is still fresh in your mind. But dont do anything new, that is the big thing. Try to get a nice night of sleep and other than that just relax and get ready for your test.