What should I do to improve my chances of acing interviews?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Louise Kursmark shares tips on things you can do to improve your chances of acing your job interview.

    Host: What should I do to improve my chances of acing the interviews?

    Louise Kursmark: One thing that you can do is to research the interview. Research the company before you even go in. You want to, if you can find out about the specific individual that you are meeting with; that s a great idea because with Google and other tools, you can find out things about people that will maybe give you an advantage or at least some information about the individual.

    Then, look into the company, research their financials, look at where they have been in entering new markets or introducing new products or coming out with new R&D ideas, look at challenges that they have had in the past and how they have surmounted or maybe they have not. You can ask them about those particular challenges.

    Beyond the company, look at where is their industry going. Is it looking on upward swing, is it facing some challenges ahead and how is that company going to deal with it. The more you know the more confident and comfortable you will feel in the interview and the better questions you will able to ask and that will position you as a great employee.