What should I learn from my job interview research?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra explains what to look for when researching a job and company.

    Host: What should I learn from my job interview research?

    Karen Chopra: The things that you are hoping to learn are, where you are going to fit in, in the company. The more you know about what the company does and the struggle for the company is having or the successes that company has just booked, allows you to determine where you are going to be able to add value to the company.

    The other thing you are looking for is there any bad news, that you need to be asking about. If they have been in merger talks, and those merger talks have failed, you want to ask questions about what their plans are for the future. If the company has had any legal issues or ethical issues, you want to find a way to delicately ask about that too.

    If your boss has been touted as someone who might be tapped for new position inside the government or some place else, you would like to know about that, you might as well ask. Well, I understand that other people are looking at you too, what are your plans for the future. Your boss isn't going to tell you what the plans are, but it let's them know that you know what's going on with the person in the company.

    So what you are looking for is anything that's going to allow you to ask better questions to determine whether this job is a good fit for you before you take it.