What should I look for in a resort?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel agent Melinda Webb discusses how to plan a honeymoon, including what to look for in a resort.

    Host: What should I look for in a resort?

    Melinda Webb: I think you need to determine what you want to do as a couple at the resort and do you want to just be around adults and not deal with children at the pool. Do you want something that is more focused on honeymoon or romantic clientele versus an active clientele?

    So, you have a lot of choices as far as that goes. You just have to figure out. You need to remember if you choose Hawaii that we do not really have any adults only resorts like you think of in the Caribbean and Hawaii, we get a lot of requests for that. But that is not a destination that you would really have. So, if you want adults only all inclusive and we are going to be looking more to rest of Caribbean too. So, you have to determine what type of surroundings you want. So, do you want a place where it is going to be very intimate and people are going to know you, are they going to know what you like, what you want and when they see you coming downstairs in the morning are they going to have your Bloody Mary ready for you along with your bagel or is it going to be a large hotel where the service is still excellent but the attention to detail may not be there because they accommodate so many guests.