What should you do if you think someone may be having a stroke?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. Nina Solenski, Stroke Neurologist at the University of Virginia Health System, describes the common causes of stroke including what you should do if you think someone may be having a stroke.

    Host: What should you do if you think someone maybe having a stroke?

    Dr. Nina Solenski: The most important thing that you can do is at that moment, dial 911, get emergency services to take that patient to the Neuro-Emergency room. There are treatments for stroke and these treatments are time sensitive. For example there are clot busters. Clot busters must be given within a three hour window and we can't violate that. So the sooner that the patient gets to the emergency room the faster the evaluation can be, to see if they can benefit from that drug. There are other reasons as well. Sometimes there are other things that are happening at the same time. Heart attack and stroke can occur at the same time and these medical conditions need to be identified quickly and taken care of.