What strategies can I use on the problem solving questions on the GRE?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tutor Bernadette Chimner discusses strategies to use on the problem solving questions.

    Host: What strategies can I use on the problem solving questions?

    Bernadette Chimner: One of the biggest and best strategies for problem solving questions is to use the answer choices to help you work backwards. So for example if you get a question that says Mary buys a dress and it's 25% off and then she uses a coupon to get another 20% off so the final total of Mary's dress is $60 and it asks how much was the dress originally priced for? Well then trying to set up this massive equation where you take x and you multiply with it by 0.

    8 and 0.

    75 and then try to make that all equal to 60 and then back solve. It's usually a little simpler to hop down to your answer choices, find an answer choice say for example there is in there the answer choice of 100, find that answer choice multiply it by 80 and by 0.

    75 and see if it turns into 60, that is usually get a little easier to do than to try the solve it nicely with that variable upfront.