What to Bring When Adopting a Cat

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Pet Expert Kat Millers discusses what to bring when adopting a cat.

    Kat Miller: Hi! I am Dr. Kat Miller at the ASPCA. We are talking today about how to find and adopt the perfect cat for you. Now let's talk about what to expect and what to bring to the adoption center when you go. If you call ahead or check the website, you will have a lot of information ahead of time. Usually shelters require ID, and some references that they can give a call. If you have existing pets, you should have bring those medical records for those of pets, so they know that you take good care of your animals and that they are healthy.

    Check the adoption hours of that adoption center before you go. Some adoption centers have mobile adoption vans. They might actually be visiting neighborhood near you, often there in evenings and weekend hours, but check ahead of time. Evenings and weekends can be busier than other times. So keep that in mind. Some centers may have more animals available for adoption on certain days or at certain times, so that's a good question to ask as well.

    Pick a day and time to visit that your whole family can go. Everyone is going to have contact with your cat, should be there as part of the selection process, part of the adoption process. It's very special time and everyone should be involved. I hope that these tips will help you to prepare for your visit to the adoption center and next we will talk about actually choosing the cat once you get there.