What to do During Kwanzaa

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nia Egwin of the United Black Community discusses how to celebrate Kwanzaa including what to do during Kwanzaa.

    Nia Egwin: Jambo! I am Nia, and we are showing you how to celebrate Kwanzaa. In this segment, we will discuss what to do during Kwanzaa. During Kwanzaa, we greet each other and Kiswahili asking Habari Gani. Habari Gani means, "what's the news?

    " or what's happening?

    . Answer with the principle for that day. For example, on December 26, respond with Umoja.

    Male Speaker: Umoja.

    Nia Egwin: Also during Kwanzaa libation is poured. Libation is poured to honor our ancestors, by an elder or leader using water, juice, or spirits from the Kikombe cha Umoja into a bowl or potted plant.

    During the seven days of Kwanzaa, one should only shop at black-owned businesses. In the spirit of Kwanzaa and Ujamaa, which is Cooperative Economics, We as asking people to support the same black businesses all year around.

    Also during Kwanzaa, it is suggested that one should fast. When fasting one should fast from sunrise to sunset to help cleanse the body, discipline the mind, and uplift the spirit.

    Next, we will be discussing what to do during Kwanzaa in the household.