What to Do if You are Unsatisfied with the Auto Repair Service

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive Expert Tony Molla provides tips on what to do if you are unsatisfied with the Auto repair service you’ve received.

    Tony Molla: Hi, I am Tony Molla with ASE. Continuing our look at how to find a good repair shop. This time we are going to talk about what happens when things don't go so well and you have a complaint about the automotive service you received. The most important first step to take if you feel you haven't received the service that you have paid for is to talk to the shop owner or the shop manager. Usually these types of problems are the result of breakdown in communication and often a simple conversation will help rectify the problem. Give the shop the opportunity to make it right. Most shops want to take care of their costumers so again, that should your first step. During the process it is important to keep track of everything that has been done to the vehicle. Keep those receipts. Make a note of all the individuals you have talked with during this process and try to keep as many record as possible for future reference. As a last resort you might want to file a complain with a better business bureau if you have done all of these things and still feel, you haven't received the proper service that you have paid for. Although it's rare for this type of service dispute to get to the filing or complain stage. You should be aware that there are resources available to help you negotiate with the shop to make sure whether the service you have paid is delivered and you are completely satisfied with what you have received. I hope these tips on how to find a good repair shop have been helpful. Thanks for watching.