What To Do When Your Child Refuses To Do Homework

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    What To Do When Your Child Refuses To Do Homework

    Ann Adolin: After a long day at school, many kids are so frustrated or exhausted that the last thing they want to do is homework. If you have a student who refuses to do homework, here're a few things you can try to get them going.

    First, set clear expectations for when homework has to be done. There're four times homework can be started, right after school, before dinner, after dinner or before bed. Some students react strongly to strict schedules. So, set a structure with some wiggle room. If the child completes the work on time be sure to reward them with privileges.

    Second, punishing your child heavily will only result in stronger resistance and more resentment. A better approach is to make a deal with your child at the start of the homework session. Instead of no video games until you finish your homework, try if you finish your homework by 8 then you can play video games. This way the child knows what to expect and feels responsible for his work. If his homework isn't done, he won't be able to blame you so easily.

    To help get your child started on homework try using timers. Anyone can tolerate work for just ten minutes. So, try setting the timer for the tolerable 10 or furious five. When the child knows that the end is in sight, they're more likely to get started and their work won't feel as overwhelming.

    Above all, give as much praise as possible. Students react to positive reinforcement more than negative and if all those fails, consider bringing in a third party to help such as a private tutor or a teacher.