What To Look For In An Online Program

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professor Candis Best of St. Joseph’s College in New York explains what to look for in an online program.

    Candis Best: Hi, I am Candis Best from St. Joseph's College in New York City and today we're going to talk about how to find the right online program for you.

    The first and perhaps the most important thing to look at is the school's accreditation. Next you want to go to the website for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. That organization will not only tell you what kind of accreditation your school has, but it will also, give you information on the accrediting body.

    You next want to look at whether or not the program you're interested in is also accredited. This is different from the accreditation for the school. If you want to go into psychology or business or public health, those professions often maintain a separate accreditation for those programs.

    The second thing you want to look at is whether the online program offers land based courses. This is important because you may find that online courses aren't for you. And if so you want to know whether you have the option of taking a physical class near you.

    The third thing you want to look at is the VACT, what percentage of the faculty that teach for that college are full-time versus part-time. Why is this important? Because part-time faculty usually have full-time jobs other places, which means they may not have as much time and attention to pay to you.

    So if you look at these three factors, accreditation, location and faculty. It will give you a good indication of whether the online program you're considering is the right choice for you.