What to Look for when Touring a Senior Living Facility

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Summer Hammerle of Emeritus Senior Living will provide strategies for what to look for on a tour when talking to a parent about a move from their home to a senior living community.

    Summer Hammerle: Hello, I am Summer Hammerle from Emeritus Senior Living. Today I will discuss what to look for when touring a Senior Living Community. If you were at the point where you are running to tour a community, your parents should have accepted that living at home may not be the safest environment for them and that they are willing to look at their options. From the list of communities that you have carefully researched, set up tours with your top choices. Try to spread them out a bit, so you don't overwhelm or exhaust your parent. When you come to the community for a tour, here are some things you can both look for. The Staff: Do they have time to speak with you, or does it feel rushed? Do they appear genuinely interested in you? Do they interact warmly with current residents? How do they handle emergencies? The Residents: Do they appear happy? Do they enjoy interacting with one another? Do they seem like people whom you'd enjoy getting to know? Are their hobbies and groups sounds like they look interesting? The Environment: Is it clean and well organized? Does it look comfortable and well-lit? Does it have effective security systems? Are residents able to bring furniture from their home to make their surroundings more familiar? Just like when you look for a new home or apartment, you will have a gut feeling when you walk into a community that will give you a sense, if it's a good match for your parent. Pay attention to that feeling, but also closely observe the Staff, Residents and Environment to confirm your first impression. Once you have visited your top choices, it's time to start the decision process. These are the key points to be aware of when making your decision.