What to Wear to a Wedding

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion experts David Boris and Brian Joyner discuss what men should wear to a wedding.

    Brian Joyner: I am Brian at bebetterguys.

    com, the guys guide to get into life. We are talking about what to wear when and right now we are going to speak specifically about what you should wear to a wedding that's not yours. The big thing to remember about a wedding is that you are the guest, it is not your day. So really what you are there to do is to be an attendant, show your love and compassion for the people getting married regardless of how you feel about them and ultimately, it is a party. You should be dressed for it, have a good time. So what we are going to talk about, we are going to talk about a couple of different options really just looking at mainly season-specific and looking at time of day because those are really the two things that are going to weigh in on what you would decide to wear. So David is dressed right now for a day wedding, spring summer, he is wearing a poplin suit, nice, punchy tie, I love that tie. David Boris: Thank you. Brian Joyner: Yeah, you look good. David Boris: What time does the bar open?

    Brian Joyner: Not soon enough. So he has got a tanned suit, poplin suit, cotton suit. These go with great punchy, raspberry shirt on. This looks like he is going to a festive occasion and yet, he is not over-dressed. He is not trying to outshine the bride because he tends to want to do those things occasionally. So just keep in mind, think about what time of year it is, cotton, linen, really appropriate for spring and summer, light weight wool is appropriate for those times. I am wearing a medium weight wool suit. I can wear this suit pretty much three-quarters of the year and get away with it. It is brown which is not traditionally what people would consider a wedding color, but it has got a nice pop to it, great tie, I love this shirt with the white striping on it. It is a festive again. It gives the impression that you are there to have a good time. That's a good part of what we are trying to get across in regards to what to wear at a wedding. Now if it is an evening wedding, say it is after six, then you want to keep your color options to black or grey or midnight-blue or something along those lines. If it is a formal wedding, we have already had a conversation about what to wear for formal wear and you can take a look at that video to see what you should do. A couple of more things about weddings. If the bride and groom decide that they are having a beach wedding, then you have to wear a Hawaiian shirt, short and flip-flops, that's what you wear. It is their day, you wear what they ask. So take a look at the invitation, make sure that you have the right attire for the wedding because again, it is a party, it is a good time and ultimately, no one is going to remember truly what you were wearing, but they are going to remember the fact that you were there and you had a good time and that you were appropriate. Next we are going to talk about what to wear for formal wear.