What type of couple should consider a honeymoon registry?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel agent Melinda Webb discusses how to plan a honeymoon, including what type of couple might consider a honeymoon registry.

    Host: What type of couple should consider a honeymoon registry?

    Melinda Webb: I do not recommend honeymoon registries for young couples who are just starting out, who do not have a lot of personal things that they are going to need around the house for example, if you are straight out of college; you have always lived with Mom and Dad, you do not have pots and pans, you do not have bath towels, you are going to need all that. So, you probably should focus your registries on things that you are actually going to need in maintaining your home and of course, with people registering multiple places we can still do a mini registry for you.

    The people that I find benefit the most from honeymoon registries are couples that have lived together and pretty much have their house full setup or couples that are older and have established homes of their own, have accumulated possessions and all melting those together. So, the registry actually gives you a chance to focus something to enjoy because you do not need all the cheese cutters and you do not need all the wine openers that somebody much younger than you would have. Those are typically the couples that benefit the most.

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