What types of programs are there?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Admissions expert David Petersam discusses types of programs there are.

    Host: What types of programs are there?

    David Petersam: There are four main types of MBA programs. The first type is the traditional Full-time campus MBA. This consists of two years of school with a summer internship. That summer internship often allowing people to much more easily make a career change. The second type is the Part-time program. This is for students who are going to generally take classes in the evenings, maybe at weekends as well, while holding down a Full-time job. The third type is the Executive MBA, also known as the EMBA. This is going to be for students who are a little bit further in their careers, they want to view things more from the 50,000 foot view than the 10,000 foot view and they are almost always company sponsored. The final type is the one year MBA. This is much more predominant in Europe than it is in North America and it is a very good program, it doesn't cost nearly as much money for students because they have less tuition, less time and the work force. However, these students and applicants need to be aware, it can often be a little bit more difficult to make a career change because of that lack of a summer internship.