When can I first take my infant outside?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Ann Kellams recommends covering your baby’s skin before taking going outside.

    Host: When can I first take my infant outside?

    Dr. Ann Kellams: So a couple of things, one is that the common cold is not caused by cold weather so generally, as long as you can ensure that the baby is not going to get too hot or too cold based on the clothing and the blankets and things that you are using then it's fine to go outside. Their skin is very sensitive. So with direct sunlight more than five to ten minutes there is a risk of burning so we recommend protecting them from direct sunlight and most of the sunscreens are not tested in babies younger than six months. So generally, little hats and umbrellas and things and keeping them in the shade is recommended.