When can I go outside in prison?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Prison Consultant Ed Bales discusses when inmates are allowed outside.

    Ed Bales

    Ed Bales is the Managing Director of Federal Prison Consultants, LLC. He has 25 years of related experience. He was a Practice Administrator for a law practice for many years and has developed cutting edge strategies to assist Defendants, Inmates and Attorneys with pre and post sentencing strategies and Federal and State prison advocacy. He has been featured on National and International Broadcasts for both Television and Radio. He is also referenced in several books and Nationally based newspapers as a noted Prison Expert.


    Federal Prison Consultants, LLC is a full service Federal and State prison and sentencing consulting and advocacy firm. The combined experience on staff contains over 200 years of Criminal Justice, Paralegal, Psychological and Advocate experience.

    Host: When can I go outside in prison?

    Ed Bales: Normally, if you are in any level of security from low to high security, you are assigned certain times to go outside. Depending on what type of facility, how far the level of security is, you maybe able to go outside a few hours to a few minutes. If you're in a camp, usually you're not confined to any time outside of your work assignment. So, there are certain time frames though in higher security levels, from the low security up to the high security, that you are able to go outside. When you are in a maximum security facility, you're usually not able to go outside, very more than 15 or 20 minutes or so.