When I get a job offer, what should I say?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra discusses what to say when you get a job offer.

    Host: When I get a job offer what should I say?

    Karen James Chopra: This is a really tough one for a lot of people because you have been waiting for so long for that job offer to come in and the temptation is to say thank you, I will take it and to snatch it right out of their hands. What you want to say when someone calls to offer you a job is all sorts of good thing. Oh, that's wonderful, that's really exciting, I am so excited, that's a terrific news, I am delighted, say everything but yes. Then what you want to say after telling them I am very excited, this is wonderful, is to say can I get that in writing? Can I get your benefits package to review and then ask when do you need to hear back from me? What this is doing is one giving you little bit of time to process all that adrenalin running through your system. Two, giving you the information in black and white so you can review when you are calmer.

    I can't tell you how many people actually forgot the number, they were told when somebody called to say, I would like to offer you the job and here is the salary and after the phone call I can't remember it, so get it in black and white, even if it's an email, get in black and white, so you know what the offer is. By saying when do you need to hear back from me, what your signaling is there might be a negotiation here and this puts the person that you are talking to on notice that we are not quite done yet, they have made the offer, you are looking at the offer but there is another stage. So this is sort of setting the ground for a negotiation and helping them to expect that you are going to come back and ask for something else.