When is the right time to make the marriage proposal?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran of Say “I Do” Your Way explains how partners decide the best time to propose.

    Host: When is the right time to make the marriage proposal?

    Bill Cochran: In the couples that I marry, one of the big questions that I want to answer and answer to is how did you get engaged? When they told the story usually I get some of the background information that helps me to understand how they made a decision to finally do the proposal and a lot of them say Well, we just knew it was the right time and I was trying to find the way to surprise her, you might say or she might You know I just was waiting and waiting and occasionally the bride would say, I had this planning book already to go hidden away in the closet and so that when he asked me we would be able to move ahead with it, I was just waiting, I was hoping.

    Well, how to know if it's right is I don't want to be too slapstick on this but I would hope you would know. But otherwise you would have already said okay when this happens and this happens, when the things align than that's the time that we want to move ahead with engagement. But it's still fun to surprise. You can see reality shows on TV where it's making proposals and going through a lot of elegant preparation and it's interesting to realize that it's fun and it's going to be something that's going to be fun to talk about, but you know what a lot of brides were just waiting for the question and all I want to know is that this guy is finally come through and we are going to get married and here is the ring to prove it.