When Parenting Is Tough

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family explains how children are the product of their own choices and parents should not feel guilty if a mistake is made.

    Valorie Burton: If you're a parent, you've probably gone through periods where you've second guessed your ability to raise kids and there is no question that parenting can be tough.

    We all seem to envision perfect homes, perfect kids, perfect lives, but life never quite works out that way. Every parent deals with the frustration of toddlerhood and the turbulence of adolescence. But even with our best efforts kids make mistakes. Sometimes the paths they travel lead to drug abuse, academic trouble, unexpected pregnancies and other troubling situations.

    Parents tend to blame themselves when their children get into trouble. The initial response is often shock, guilt and a lot of where did we go wrong? It's critical to remember our children even with our teaching are the product of their own choices and when those choices are harmful and go against what they have been thought, parent should not feel guilt.

    Of course parents do make mistakes and there are times when we need to ask for forgiveness, but when things do go wrong, remember you're not alone. Every family has problems and deciding to face yours with openness and honesty paves the way for healing.

    So ditch the myth of the perfect family and while you work with the bumps in the road, don't forget to celebrate the victories.