When should I start repaying my student loan?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Justin Draeger with the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators discusses options for successfully repaying student loans.

    Host: When should I start repaying my student loan?

    Justin Draeger: When you began paying your student loan would depend on the type of loan that you have, Federal Stafford Loans which are the most common type of federal student loans begin six months after you graduate, drop a low half time status or withdraw. And that length of period is called your grace period. For Perkins Loan borrowers you have nine months of grace.

    For graduate students who are borrowing PLUS loans, you will begin making your repayments immediately after you graduate with a drop below half time status and for parents who borrow PLUS loans, your loans will become due within 30-60 days after their full disbursement.