When should I take my GMAT?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jeff Glazer, co-founder of Griffon Preparation Services, explains when it is the best time to take the GMAT test.

    Host: When should I take my GMAT?

    Jeff Glazer: You want to take the GMAT at least a few months before you start planning on applying to business school, the reason for that is you can take the GMAT on the computer once every 31 days, that is for if you dont get the score you are looking for you can still wait 30 days, take the test again and still have it done before you are ready to apply. Business school also interesting in that -- the application works in multiple rounds so if you want to get your application in first run you will need to take your GMAT sooner; generally the earlier application is in the better off you are, so you want to take it sooner than later. However, the biggest decision maker for also when you want to take the GMAT is when you have time to study because it weighs so heavily into the admission process the more time you have to study the higher you score the better off you will be in the actual application process.