When to Order Flowers for Mother’s Day

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Florist Brad Parker discusses when to order flowers for Mother’s Day.

    Brad Parker: Hi! I am Brad Parker and we have been talking about flowers on Mothers Day. In this segment, we are going to discuss what you might expect to spend for your Mothers Day flowers. Well, the answer is whatever you are comfortable with spending, there is no one set amount. The truth is that even on a small or tight budget, there's many wonderful things that you can have designed and delivered. Then if budget is not a factor and you really want to send something that is a real head turner, you can spend $200-$300 without a problem. But let me show you first a couple of designs that are about $40. Again, you don't have to break the bank and there is a lot that you can get for $30-$40, just generally what your designs are going to start out at with a professional florist.

    As you can see in these designs, you have two totally different unique expressions made because of the way that they are designed. You have to agree that both are extremely tasteful. I think that you could feel really confident that your sentiments are being well expressed with either design. Again, you didn't have to spend a lot of money. We have found over the years that most typically, people will spend $60-$70 on a design. Here's an example of a couple of designs in that range. Again, very different designs and certainly you can get many other different types in the same price range. You are not limited in any way.

    Again, if you really want to send something that's really wild, like I said, a real head turner, then you can spend something like this where you are using very lovely and expensive vase. We have a lot to work with. Your professional florist can create something truly dramatic and absolutely vivid to the senses. So universal options are very large, but whatever your budget is, you can have something thats beautifully expressed with flowers.

    In addition to the cost of the flowers, you should also expect to spend on average an additional $12-$20 to cover sales tax, to cover delivery fees and any other service fees. So that's something else you should consider.

    Finally, I want to mention that if you are looking for your flowers online, it is worthy to mention that there are a lot of businesses online which we call Cyber Florists, where they exist only online, they don't actually ever touch flowers or arrange flowers or deliver flowers. They will take your order and they will keep a certain percentage of the money for themselves and then they will subcontract out to others to actually have your flowers arranged and delivered.

    Unfortunately, it's not uncommon that what's actually delivered doesn't resemble so well what you actually saw in a picture online. So just a word of caution, find a reputable professional florist in your search. Thereby, you give yourself the best chance to get a good result.

    I think there is a reason why for centuries that all major cultural traditions and celebrations, flowers are always present. They always enhance such celebrations, they bring these to life. As I said, in a very special way they are able to convey our most important and intimate feelings and emotions and expressions.

    So I encourage you to indulge in flowers. I think you will always get a wonderful result. Its certainly been my pleasure sharing with you over these few segments, a little bit flowers on Mothers Day. Thank you very much.