When you find you have a passion, how do you start a company?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Business expert David Krauskopf discusses how to start a company once you find a passion.

    Host: When you find you have a passion, how do you start a company?

    David Krauskopf: If you look around what you see is that a lot of businesses are started in this way. You have a hobby or a subject matter you just really love and you have a passion about that and then what's you realize is that other people can benefit from this passion or subject matter and I want to pass that on to other people. Sometimes people start doing it part time and then they realize now it's the time I can actually create entire business around that.

    A couple of examples I can give you. We have a client who has a background in performing arts and when her children became school age, she went out and looked in the local area for how she can get them involved in that and she was dissatisfied with what was available and she had decided she would start working to organize that herself and she quickly learned that her friends all felt the same and so that she start organizing this for her friends. The next thing, she realizes she has this component and passion for it and ability to organize performing arts lessons for school age kids and now she has a six year old, very successful company providing that to local community.

    Another example would be is that a lot of the internet sites that you see that are oriented around a subject or community now or actually just started by individuals. They have a passion for the subject matter. They go out and do research and they put their knowledge and other people's knowledge into this repository for information for other people to go and access it and amazingly enough many of these internet sites then grow to be very large and the people realize that hey, I actually can build the business around this. I can sell advertising on my subject to passion or I can sell products on my subject to passion. So that's something if you have an interest or passion for a subject matter, you can look at building a business around it.