Where can I find help in processing this huge decision?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran of Say “I Do” Your Way discusses resources for help planning and processing the decision to get engaged.

    Host: Where can I find help in processing this huge decision?

    Rev. Bill Cochran: Of course many of you could go to your pastor, priest or rabbi or religious leader and they would be probably more than happy to help you process that. If you are dealing with some tricky situations that may require a bit more than that say some counseling or some therapy, then there is plenty of places around you that you can find, that you can for. Perhaps a full time Wedding Officiant who does counseling as well, who has dealt specifically with this problem or this situation. You could go to a counseling center and explain exactly what you are looking for and they would try to pair you up with the right person to help you in working with relationship. So there are lot of resources and I would recommend that rather than to say, Well, there is really nothing wrong with me, of course there probably isn't wrong with you. Just say okay I want professional help. I need to make my way through this and just be bold to go ahead and list the services of someone who can help you to get over that little hurdle that you are facing.