Where do we find information to help us plan our wedding ceremony?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rev. Bill Cochran discusses the extra components to consider for a wedding ceremony.

    Host: What are the extra components to consider for a wedding ceremony?

    Rev. Bill Cochran: I would think that extra would really have to do with adding in more readings, maybe you have a friend that wants to present a special song to you. I am discovering in the majority of weddings I am doing there is not a lot of music in the ceremony. It's very unusual if there is. But occasionally a friend will come along and say, I got this song, I really want to sing to your wedding. Sometimes that's done at the reception. But it can fit in nicely in a ceremony and make it very unique and very special.

    I have had people release butterflies in the wedding and talk about the significance of that. Of course the release it does at the end is always a nice touch. None of these things have to be done, but they just add a little glitz and glitter and fun to the ceremony. So it is really important for you to look around and to read and to go online and search and bring in all your ideas when you sit down with your officiant to plan the ceremony.

    Obviously some of things I talked about can only be done outdoors, so you have to talk about the setting and decide exactly where that is going to be. So there are a lot of things to consider in planning the ceremony that will help you to have exactly what you want.