Where else can I get assistance with writing my book?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Publisher James Frey discusses where else to get assistance when writing a book.

    Host: Beyond 'How-to' books, where else can I get assistance with my writing?

    James Frey: There is a multiplicity of areas that you could look to supplementing your skills and your experience in book writing. One, if there is a local college or university, Community College in your area; many of those institutions have courses in creative writing or writing courses that you could avail yourself of. Depending on the rules and regulations of those colleges you maybe able to order the course or pay to take one course of that college or university. Certainly, in the Community College arena there are wealth of courses available like that in most areas of United States.

    Another place that you could look at gaining assistance and input into what your writing needs in terms of other people's opinions of it, there are many local or state writers' groups and they are like associations of people who love to write or want to get better at writing and they do not tell you what to write, but they will give input on the story that you have put together or the book that you are compiling and give you support in terms of they are going through the same type of exercise as you are and input on how they are reacting to your writing.